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Hi! I’m Anke. (Takes a deep breath.) I am a project manager, producer, art director, motion designer, costumer, wannabe director and fashion design student - also known as Anke of all trades. (Sighs.)

Things I like:
- Trees
- Organising stuff in alphabetical order, on colour, on size, ...
- Being a member of the House of Media family

Things I dislike:
- Last minute deadline changes
- Going outside on a cold winter day with wet hair
- Putting a new cover on my duvet

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Project Manager & Creative Coach
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One woman crew

Anke De Veirman always brings a group of friends. Anke, the editor. Anke, the motion designer. Anke, the producer. Anke, the graphic designer. Anke, the costume designer. You name it. As a multi-skilled creative, she prefers to avoid labels and choose variety. She’s not schizophrenic, she just loves it when all her characters are out on the playground doing their favourite thing.

A traveller, not a tourist

Where to sleep tonight? What am I going to eat? Where am I heading to tomorrow? Those are the main questions a traveller has to solve on a daily basis, leaving no time for more complex matters. And that is exactly why Anke loves to be on the road. Having fewer stimuli allows her to find real peace. And yet, at the end of a long trip, while she plops down in her sofa, she realises each time what a great life she has going on here in Belgium.

“Anke, a silent force behind the scenes at House of Media. A producer who understands her craft: zero mistakes, very efficient, communicating only when necessary and keeping a schedule that elevates flexibility to an Olympic discipline. Similar producers are hard to find, unfortunately. Her soul resides in the podcast De Ziel van Parijs as well.”

─ Karel Dierickx, Head of Audio at Mediafin

Left picture by Bram Laebens 

Favourite soundtrack

Shhhh. The sound of touching fabrics. Of cutting them. Krr. Krr. And of stitching them together with a sewing machine. Tuk. Tuk. Tuk. It always makes Anke’s back tingle. Designing clothes is her latest creative outlet. It requires the perfect balance between technical knowledge and creativity. Totally her cup of tea.

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