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From the first chord I learned I’ve been creating music. There’s something about the intricacies of building musical structures that kickstarts my almost obsessive need for exploration and creation. My formal education started at PXL Music where I learned to distil the sounds in my head into actual recordings, a never ending journey.

If I’m not working I’m probably still working. There’s a lot about creation that never sees the light of day. I’d describe it as a form of chaos that lingers beneath the surface whilst waiting for the right moment to erupt in the form of an idea.

Audio engineer & composer
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When Chiaran Verheyden tells a story with music, he focuses mainly on the interactive value. After all, people are emotional beings. The instruments, timbres and harmonic structures must fit the story and generate the intended feeling. Evoking an emotional response from the listener is Chiaran’s goal.


People are at the heart of Chiaran’s creative process. That’s why he mostly uses man-made sounds and why he limits himself to instruments and acoustic sources, with an occasional sample. He can then edit the sounds heavily, but ensures it retains its human aspect.

“Chiaran has recorded and mixed just about every alternative record that has come out of Mechelen in recent years. And every time, he had outdone himself. He puts his own stamp on everything he does, yet he always makes a band sound like the best version of itself.”

– Stefan De Graef, member of the band Psychonaut


Chiaran doesn’t shy away from chaos. That’s why he loves to experiment. Guitar may be his main instrument, but he uses it as little as possible. After all, playing an instrument you master less can result in more interesting and unexpected sounds. This often leads to surprising productions.


If Chiaran is not in his studio, you can probably find him in a theatre hall. With his collective Helion Creek, he invites other musicians to experiment within a certain context. Together, they create a live experience with images and lighting design. The result is cinematic music, but in a theatrical setting.


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