Hey, I'm Eric

Every next step in the audiovisual business is like stepping in fresh snow. Our residents are creative minds who need to be able to work under a clear sky. That's what I'm good at: creating a smooth and safe environment to work in. I love to get the right people together and am a community builder at heart. I have years of experience in theatre, arts, dance and the music scene. I will always stay passionate by the capabilities of people to create and design.

If all the cogs in our machine turn smoothly and the team can work without friction, it's been a good day.

Operations Manager
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‘Chief ecosystems’ is Eric Verberdt’s unique job title. He is the glue between all parts and makes House of Media into a whole. He also helps with the production of projects. Due to many years of experience as a technical director at NTGent and Kunstenfestivaldesarts, no project is impossible for him. When he’s not at HOME, he is on the road with musicians like Gabriel Rios or The Colorist Orchestra.


Eric is above all a guardian of happiness. How clients or his HOME colleagues feel is very important to him. With his experienced sense of empathy and social understanding, he tries to detect problems or frustrations early on so he can deal with them quickly. Also on tour with musicians, he takes care of the good vibes backstage.

“I rarely meet people who have that attention to detail and professionalism, and at the same time who are in it for the joy of doing it. He wants to have fun with what he does.”

– Gabriel Rios, musician


‘Calm’ is Eric’s middle name. He believes staying relaxed is the objective in any situation. By prepping assignments well in advance, he makes sure problems can’t sneak up on him. But if they do, his years of experience help him out.


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