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As a producer, songwriter and mixing engineer, I am always looking for beauty and meaning through sound. With a background in philosophy and music production I love finding a balance between the rational technicality and emotional creativity of music.

Since 2016 I have been writing and producing music (Pavlove, Fabian Rasti). I was the in-house engineer for Trefpunt, Volta and Democrazy for quite a while (Le Juniore, Valley Maker, Blu Samu, Camille Camille w/ Sam Denef, Fievel Is Glauque). Nowadays, you can find me live mixing or working at DPG Media, where I compose and mix movie trailers. I also finished my recording studio. Come hang!

Audio engineer, composer
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Fabian uses his music to confront you. By making unconventional combinations of musical notes, he puts you in tight places that feel uncomfortable, challenging you to manoeuvre and make your way out towards a more familiar place. It encourages you to feel, reflect and hopefully come to new insights. So make sure you bring your torch, compass and a snack if you listen to Fabian Rasti or his band Pavlove.

Musical Scrabble

Fabian composes not only with musical notes, but with emotions. He loves to investigate the relation of each note to another, and see what feelings they trigger. So when Fabian makes music or does live mixing, he is actually trying to crack a code. A code of intention. Because that is what being a musician is all about for him. It’s deciding what intention you have, choosing the emotions you want to provoke and then using your skills to do that on purpose.

“Fabian Rasti is a very passionate producer known for his meticulous technical and creative skills. A team player who not only exposes problems but more importantly: solves them. Fabian’s sheer quality is a pleasure to work with.”

– Marga Govaert, Manager at DPG Media


Fabian’s music contains a melancholic warmth. As the Portuguese beautifully describe it: Saudade, a yearning for something that has passed or never was. Probably his parents have something to do with that. Their home is often filled with music from the sixties and seventies, which initiated Fabian’s love for indie music and nostalgic retrospection.

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