Meet Illias

Illias started with concert photography as a way to sneak in for free at music shows. He had just received a postgraduate in Digital Storytelling at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts when Belgian newspaper De Morgen noticed his concert photos and asked him to do an internship. Photography has been his full time job ever since.
Illias' work has been published and shared in several renowned Belgian media like De Morgen, VICE, Studio Brussel, ...

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Always on the hunt

Illias likes to see his camera as his hunting weapon. He’s triggered by variation and surprise. He loves to shoot artists just as much as politicians and doesn’t shy away from capturing whole crowds on camera. Basically he just wants to portray humans. Real humans to be precise.

“Illias Teirlinck’s photography is about something as weird, edgy and different as the subjects he got standing before his lens.”

People as his core business

He loves human contact and gets inspired by people that he has nothing in common with at first glance. The most important thing for Illias is that everybody is having a good time. He’s always on the lookout for the right moment to take a photograph. He loves the idea that he saw something that nobody else noticed.

"I like being surprised, meeting new people and ending up in unexpected situations with my camera."
- Illias himself.

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