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On the one hand, I love creating music! On the other hand, I'm obsessed with technical engineering. In my job as music & audio engineer, I combine these two passions. It's also how I discovered the world of audio engineering. Starting to work with a range of audio and media applications was thus inevitable. Reason number one why I joined the HOME crew.

I love working with those who share my enthusiasm and creating a product that really fits the bill, whatever the application.

Music & Audio Engineer
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Jordan Hudson loves the satisfaction of problem solving. After studying Sound Technology & Digital Music at Oxford, he travelled the world installing and repairing mixing consoles in the most incredible music studios. Being a musician and sound designer, he knows better than anyone how annoying it is to come across a hindrance during a creative flow. His own music also benefits from his engineering knowledge. It gives him a unique way of experiencing and making music.

I don't use the word 'exceptional' often, but exceptional is exactly what Jordan is. What he makes always fits the project, but still has a lot of individuality and personality. And always - and above all - Good Taste.

─ Wouter Van Driessche, Creative Director at Uitgesproken


Jordan’s electronic music is influenced by neo-classical, metal and post-rock music. He makes sure the listener experiences a dialogue between tension and resolution. In that way, he creates moments of peace amongst the soundscapes.


As a person who values ethics, Jordan pays attention to the stories he tells with his music. He likes to work on projects he stands by or deserve attention, like the environment and marine biology. In his spare time, Jordan volunteers for Sea Shepherd, an organisation that protects the oceans.


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