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My life is built around people and music. I'm super grateful to have discovered the freedom of combining these two "passions" as a freelancer, in a safe and stable way. It's my mission to make other people aware of the fact that this can be possible for everyone. I want to support people in their personal growth at House of Media, to let them use their talents and develop their skills as a freelance creative.

If I'm not working, I'm singing or I'm playing my favourite tracks somewhere in a club or at a festival. On the other hand, I could be lost somewhere on a hike in the mountains or just chilling on a beach in Barcelona."

Community manager
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After studying Psychology, Lissa Callens worked for four years in HR and Community Building while also being a singer and DJ. After completing her degree as a career coach, she moved to Barcelona. There she discovered the law of attraction. As soon as she was living a free and authentic life, she organically met the right people and plenty of musical opportunities in clubs came her way. Back in Belgium, she decided to continue that lifestyle as a multitalented freelancer. Now, she works as a career coach, community manager, teacher and musician.


Lissa embodies the mission of House of Media. She values having enough freedom to grow while belonging to a cohesive team. As a community manager, she makes sure everyone on the team is happy, and she listens to those who need to be heard. Honest and transparent communication is key. People can be themselves with her, without judgement.

“Community and finding the right like-minded people is one of the cornerstones of our existence and success as a group. Lissa really takes this challenge to heart with her natural insight in people and curiousness of what drives them. And of course, she lights up any room she walks into.”

─ Tom Van Haute, founder of House of Media


Making others have a good time is what energises Lissa. That’s why she’s a DJ. She loves discovering a good record and passing on that emotion to a crowd. That makes the Lissa on stage not so different from the Lissa as a career coach. Except for the exuberant dancing, that is.


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