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I’ve always loved it when a plan comes together. Bringing creative ideas in to action, while keeping everyone involved happy, is what makes me thrive. As a production and event manager, the variety of projects I work on and the wonderful array of people I get to meet inspires me to dive in to every project with great enthusiasm. From the very beginning right up till the finish line, I try to make things happen!

When I’m not working, you can find me singing along to literally every song I hear, doing silly dances (with or without my cat), whipping up something good in the kitchen, vibing with my friends in a bar or sweating my day off during a work-out. Did I mention I like to keep busy?

Production Manager
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Busy bee Lobke Vangansbeke is a natural born organiser. Her early interest in organising parties and events naturally led her to a job as a production and event manager. She likes to keep an overview of a project, and to see something new come to life, from scratch to finish. Having to fix problems behind the scenes doesn’t bother her, it even drives her! As long as the audience or client is happy, all is well.


As the central link between the client and the creatives, Lobke finds it vital to communicate transparently and friendly at all times. Managing and coordinating others in a confident but gentle manner comes naturally to her. She makes sure everyone knows what is expected of them so complex projects become crystal clear.

"It’s always a pleasure to work with Lobke! Her flexibility and helpfulness ensures we can always count on a perfect result of our projects."

– Anneleen Puelinckx, Brand Manager at Alpro


Lobke particularly enjoys the days when she can be on set. Then her preparations come to life and she can witness the creative process from up close. In this way, she remains the client’s trusted contact and she can maintain an overview, allowing the creatives to focus on delivering beautiful work.


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