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I love a good couch. Especially 'eclectic seventy' designs. They're a treat for the eyes and your naps. It's my place to dose off, to dream, talk and think. A couch to spark my creativity.

Because, besides being a couch potato I love to experiment with that potato. Cooking up content and creative solutions, together with our residents. As a Creative Coach at House of Media my aim is to help shape stories and turn an idea into content. Whether is a personal project, a partner campaign or our own marketing. Working as a Creative Director for several years thought me 2 things: it's all about happy people and great content.

Creative Coach
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Sander prefers to work at the intersection between strategy and creativity. That’s the result of his background in communications and trendwatching, plus his strong belief in content as a marketing tool. Translating a client’s strategic objectives into an original, engaging story is what he enjoys the most.


When a creative at House of Media experiences an obstacle in their creative work, they have Sander’s shoulder to lean on. As the creative coach at House of Media, he is the soundboard that assists them during important pitches, difficult workflows or other ambiguities, even when it doesn’t concern House of Media. In this way, he makes sure the creatives can excel in what they love and do best.


According to Sander, co-creation can make the difference between good and great content. Involving the audio engineer, photographer or copywriter at the start of the creation process has a positive effect on the end result. They make sure the concept of a podcast or campaign gets tested by their practical experience and therefore gets off to a good start.

“Thanks to Sander’s creative input, we quickly came up with an original concept. Also his presentations to the clients are top-notch. When you work with Sander, you know it’s going to turn out just fine.”

─ Ilias Teirlinck, Resident and photographer


Productivity and creativity are not stimulated behind a screen. That’s why Sander rents a workplace and regularly gets his hands dirty by sharpening, restoring and polishing old knives. The smell, colour and patina of old objects fascinate him. Maybe one day he’ll run an antique shop with his brother.


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