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Hi, my name is Sofie! I’m a podcast creator and editor, with a focus on popular culture and societal topics from gender equality to mental health.

After working as a freelance film and television critic, I fell in love with podcasts. (Well, I still watch too many TV shows.) Why? Audio gives a platform to people to tell their own story, literally in their own voice.I mainly work at De Standaard for DS Vandaag, the daily news podcast, and Radar, the weekly culture podcast. My highlight so far has been working on Club Angst with the House of Media team. For VRT, we made a (very) personal podcast about my own anxiety disorder imbued with online meme culture.

In my free time you can find me listening to musicals, playing Dungeons & Dragons or cuddling my two cats.

Podcast creator & editor
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Picture by Flore Clarisse

Stories about people

Sometimes the best way to tell complex stories is to zoom in. Therefore, Sofie Steenhaut focuses on people and their stories. She holds space for people to talk about vulnerable, personal topics. By making relatable stories she hopes to help and make people understand each other better.

“Sofie is someone you can count on. If you entrust her with an assignment, she commits to it and makes sure the job is done. Telling a personal story in a podcast is what she does best. She knows how to purify testimonies into stories.”

─ Bart Dobbelaere, Head of Audio at De Standaard

Cracking codes

Crosswords, games, escape rooms, bring it on! Sofie loves to puzzle and solve mysteries. So of course, she likes suspenseful film plots. She won’t be in the room while you watch a horror movie, but she will be the first one to research the ending. That’s why she loves piecing together all the different elements in a podcast. Nothing better than that wonderful ‘aha’-moment when all story lines and audio clips make a coherent narrative!


Even though she loves dogs as well, Sofie is definitely a cat person. You have to earn their attention and trust. So when a cat sits on your lap, Sofie believes you are the chosen one. You shouldn’t take that lightly! (Okay, they are also very fluffy and cute.)

Pictures by Flore Clarisse


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