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Raised by a mother who’s a singer and a father who was a music teacher, it was pretty natural that I would do something with music. My favourite instrument is my voice. But I’ll gladly program a drum machine or play some chords on anything with keys. During my professional career I’ve always aimed for fun in what I do. Be it voice overs, coaching other actors or writing copy for a commercial or a specific song. Ever since my first steps in the media I’ve always tried to stay close to my gut feel. I’ve worked at several big media houses, played big and small stages around the world, my aim is to deliver what is needed at the time that it is. I like to connect people, and bring out the best in the people that I work with. I’m always in for a weird proposal, and I get my kicks out of making things work. I spit fire and like to skate with my children. Wanna join?

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Not everyone is known only by their first name. Musician and singer Stijn Vandeputte has performed as STIJN for more than ten years on numerous major national and international stages. His best-known songs are called Sexjunkie and Hot & Sweaty. Nowadays, he also uses his voice for acting and voice-over work. As an all-round creative, Stijn also thinks up radio and TV commercials. Stijn’s love for music and acting started at an early age, which made him study Drama and Film.


Stijn loves simplicity. When he creates a song or commercial, he strips away the clutter so that a clear, unambiguous message remains. That’s why he finds songs and videos made for children interesting. They often describe recognisable situations in a clear manner and contain humour. Therefore Bert and Ernie continue to inspire him.

‘Stijn is an absolute joy to work with. He is super creative, he has the best voice and he’s endlessly enthusiastic. He has been in the TV and radio industry for many years. If you’re looking to boost the creativity in your company or you want a new voice for your brand, there is only one address!’

– Annick Sterckx, Head of Digital at SBS Belgium


Even though Stijn is a big fan of Prince, he is not “the Flemish Prince” as he is often referred to. The creative doesn’t like to be pigeonholed, which is the reason he called his website ‘my label’. In that way nobody else can put a label on him. But it is certain that STIJN makes funky and danceable electronic music. His singing gives the cold electronic beats a warmer glow.


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