Hi-ya, I'm Tom S

By working as a musician, composer, (imaging) producer and sound designer, I'm bringing variety to my work life. As a classically trained pianist, my biggest comfort zone is creating cinematic atmospheres for video. I also create a world of audio with music and sound effects. A flexible mindset, audio that fits your needs and the right, branded sonic tune is what I bring to the table. As a musician (OUTER and Sohnarr), strings are without a doubt the recurring theme.

Often but not necessarily linked with classical music, I'll bring the right stringed instrument. An extra dimension to the music.

Audio engineer & composer
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In everything Tom Soetaert creates, he tries to build a bubble. A safe haven you can escape to in order to slow down and unwind. A place where you have all the time in the world. Stay there for a while and make yourself comfortable. Tom believes people nowadays are over-stimulated. With his dreamy music, he wants to contribute to a more relaxed world. Music for good mental health, if you will.


In 2019, Tom went to his favourite country Iceland for five weeks to find peace and tranquillity, ànd make his first album as OUTER. The musician worked on a sheep farm during the day, and made music at night. The result is a cinematic album clearly influenced by the vast landscapes and dreamy peaceful atmosphere. A true escape.

"OUTER's soundscape is a wonderful place to walk. And get lost."

– De Standaard


Tom’s love for dreamy, melancholic music with a focus on acoustic instruments organically led to hosting Nachtbaders, a late night show about the neoclassical genre on the national radio station Klara. Along with his colleague and friend Niels Van Paemel, Tom wants to bring more people ino contact with this kind of music. Their goal is to talk as little as possible, and let the artists introduce their tracks. By doing that, they are able to give a voice to instrumental music.


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