Hello, I'm Xavier

My career strangely kicked off as an interior designer. I found out that music production was more my tune. As a producer and musician with Noémie Wolfs, Buurman and Transistorcake I love placing myself into the client's head. Providing a tailor-made solution to a problem: I love it! Poolside Studio is my own playground for pimping, producing, arranging, recording, mixing your tracks.

At House of Media, I'm more often serving your technical needs: from live mixing to recording and audio post production.

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Music & Audio Engineer
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Xavier is not a one-trick pony. He finds it fascinating to work with the different roles music can take. Creating a film score needs a different approach and mindset than arranging a glitchy R&B song. This constant switch in workflow is essential for Xavier to keeps things fresh and exciting. Whatever the objective, his music always contains a clear concept that needs little explanation. Frills and cover-ups are not his thing.


The balance between the colours of lo-fi organic elements and the sleekness of electronics is Xavier’s comfort zone. He uses the flexibility of electronic programming, but combines it with sounds from his surroundings instead of samples. In this way, his music gets a natural and recognisable touch and thus avoids uniformity.


With his own Poolside Studio, the audio engineer dives into the creative process by guiding bands in writing and arranging songs. This way, he gives a helping hand to those who are stuck in their musical process, or who want to take their songs to the next level.

"Making music with Xavier is a cool and educational experience. He stays calm and controlled when faced with problems, but becomes childishly enthusiastic when you come up with bold ideas. He is a top professional and cool person!

- Safran, band


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