Motion design

Animation, VFX and motion design are a critical part of today’s visual language. It can crystallise your message in one single frame or create an entire dreamworld in images. Let’s visualise the impossible, move the unmovable and sometimes even fix the unfixable.

Why not create things that were not there to begin with? Like this video we made to kick off the Effie Awards Show, showcasing all the nominated ads and sneaking in the Effie logo as much as possible through motion design. Don’t forget to count: how many times did you spot it?

The impossible

Enter the world of 3D. For the launch of the new Modular Lighting, we created a parallel universe to showcase their details, functions and possible fits.

We also love to go 2D! Like we did for Levenue, an online platform that helps businesses get funding. 

Eye-catching communication

Create clear messages with supers, packshots and animations. Get your audience up to speed, even when they are watching content with their sound off.

Our Alpro videos take many shapes and forms. We tend to inspire people with content on TV, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Gwendolien Jesoirens – Senior Brand Manager, Alpro

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