Welcome home.

This is about US. You.

At House of Media you are an essential part of us.
Because we believe that working together creates better results than going solo.
hat co-creation is more than just a workflow.
It’s a shared craving for quality.

Whoever you are...

Are you a marketeer looking for a creative or production partner?
A recording artist missing an audio engineer?
A production company in want of extra post production power?
Or a freelancer with an open mind and a drive for quality?

Welcome, make yourself at home.

"People are our greatest asset. This includes our customers."

Tom Van Haute, Founder

Our House is always open.

House of Media welcomes your question and briefing with an open mind. So, please tell us your needs and wishes. As we are an ecosystem of skilled freelancers, we can adjust and adapt to your briefings in every aspect.
We guarantee
flexibility and quality from Day 1, without the hassle.

This may sound as if House of Media is just a one-stop solution for when you need something done quickly (and we are that too). But with most of our client partners, we have built a long-term relationship.

"Our company services are very specific, that's why working with freelancers was a no go for us. That changed when we met Houseof.media."

Tom van der Biest – Creative manager Brandy

At home everywhere.

When it’s hard to find the right people, we can be your perfect solution: you get the flexibility of a freelancer, the expertise of a specialist and the responsibility of someone on the payroll. 

That’s probably why our house members -we call them residents– often become a part of our clients’ everyday workflow. With our can-do attitude we tend to blend in easily. Yes, we do feel at home almost everywhere.

What can you ask us?

Our residents are mainly specialized in audiovisual productions. Videos, music, podcasts, photoshoots… From concept, over copywriting, animation up to post production. However, we broaden our scope every day. So keep in mind that we can help you with a lot more. Just ask us.


Put down in a list, it would look like this:

Audio engineering

Video production

Podcast production


Motion graphics

Event production

Audio production


Concept creation


There’s strength in numbers.

When working with the collective, you’ll get access to the ideal combination of competence, customer knowledge, and loyalty.

You think we can help you?

Well actually, we think so too.

So let’s get in touch!

Just in a manner of speaking of course, all our productions are Covid-proof.

Check out our Client Stories and read about who became long-time friends and how.