Launching big

...and bold

We love to get invited to your event and contribute to your brand experience, like when we visualized Swatch‘s latest milestone: the official launch of their new watch ‘Big Bold’.

Not your average event (video)

We steer away from making a typical event video. We always include as many people, emotions and activities as possible to showcase the versatility of the brand. Resident Anna, who filmed and edited the Swatch Big Bold video, wants all parties involved to be happy with the end result: the client and the event guests.

"I aim to put everything and everybody in a good spotlight: the products and the guests. It will not be easy to catch me shooting a bad image of you!"

Anna, Videographer

It's in the colors

We have the same mindset when it comes to event photography. Our go-to guy Bram managed to capture the colorfulness of the Swatch’s Big Bold series on camera just as good as he portrayed the liveliness of the party. All bright, all vibrant, all bold.

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