Shooting, producing, directing, editing, colour grading… With our modular approach we take care of all aspects of your production or reinforce your current team, carefully pairing the right talent to your project.

Campaign videos for Xandres’ 2019 Spring – Summer collection

On air. Online. On every screen.

Video is a multiplatform language. And this cross-media thinking is exactly what we love. Shooting for ‘on air’ or ‘online’ asks for a different approach, but our visual residents feel at ease in both formats. Let’s go full-blown production or does your project need a one-(wo)man team?

Our Alpro videos take many shapes and forms. On a daily basis we tend to inspire people with content on TV, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Gwendolien Jesoirens – Senior Brand Manager, Alpro

all eyes on your event

From product launches, birthday celebrations to press and influencer get-aways: House of Media likes to get invited to your event. We love to contribute to the brand experience and visualise milestones that matter to you.

Swatch Big Bold collection launch – Camera & editing: Anna.

rhythm and (e)motion

 Our residents use rhythm, movements and emotions as visual storytelling tools. Whether it’s behind the scenes or PR content: we absorb the audience.

"Anna was able to tell the story in an emotional, detailed and powerful way."

Eva – PR Coordinator, Marie Jo

"The goal of the mini series was to attract more contemporary dance enthusiasts to TrapTown. It absolutely worked."

Aïda – Production manager, Ultima Vez


Multi fun with multicam

No angle left uncovered. We put people and products in a different spotlight. Like the time we shot a multicam catwalk video on Van de Velde’s big 100 year birthday party.

It's a family thing

Teamwork makes the dream work. Time for a shout out to our behind-the-scenes heroes. People tend to forget the amount of talent you need from the start of a project until the final export.

"Every person's talent is important in the process. Think about the production manager, who is necessary to create energy and atmosphere on set."

Louisa, production wizard at House of Media

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