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Our talents work for resounding and some of the biggest names in the industry, but always keep using their creativity for personal portfolio building. The same goes for illustrator/graphic designer and resident¬†Laurent. He loves experimenting¬†with illustrations and considers it a hobby that got out of control. It’s like he always seems to forget that graphic design is actually his full time job.

Vectors and pixels

Laurent mainly works with vectors but likes switching to pixels once in a while as well. Or even mixing the two together. So far, he had the honor to work with/for brands as Apple, Brussels Airlines, HP, Asus, BBDO and many others. Way more than finding a job, Laurent found a purpose!

Not so far from home

Laurent is a huge fan of everything that happens in the fictive Marvel universe. When he had the chance to co-create official posters for the new Spider-Man movie ‘Far From Home’, he immediately started drawing. People loved it and the posters were handed out at movie theatres and at media stores.

"I love to see how my work comes alive, whether it's in the digital or in the offline world."

Laurent, Graphic designer.

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