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I'm a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator. My full-time job is a hobby that got out of control. On the internet, you can follow me under the name "It's Magic Here". I'm mainly working with vectors, but like switching to pixels. Or even mixing the two together. So far, I've had the honor to work with brands as Apple, Brussels Airlines, HP, Asus, BBDO and also create magic for many others. It's been worth way more than finding a job, I found a purpose!

I love to see how my work comes alive, whether it's in the digital or non-digital world.

Graphic designer
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As a kid, Laurent Beuten spent hours drawing with his uncle on a piece of wallpaper. It inspired him to study graphic design but it was online tutorials that taught him the most. Illustrative challenges make Laurent excited. From digital marketing to packaging and posters: bring it on! He gets the most from working with the same client for a long time so he can fully align with the brand’s identity.


Laurent collects his work under the name ‘It’s Magic Here’. It refers to his love for card tricks he used to learn and perform. Today, he makes sure all his work comes with a pinch of magic.

“My style is clean and considered. I like it when the perspective and lines are correct and realistic. The colours I use are bright and popping. They are often inspired by the nineties.”

– Laurent


Laurent started out as a designer for gamers with their own YouTube channel. He made their avatars and branded their channel. At the time, he was still a graphic design student. Being a gamer himself, he found a way to mix his love for graphic design and gaming. After the players, also the companies came knocking at his door.


Being an ambassador for technology brand ZbyHP while working on different projects together with two designer friends

Designing a full car wrap for Mazda along four other artists during a weekend in a chalet

Making visuals for online print store Belprinto, where his brother is a marketeer

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