Intelligent robots

The future is now

Artificial intelligence is the future. And Oqton knows it. This American/Belgian software company creates tools to streamline production workflows in companies and connect older and newer systems by the use of the cloud and AI.

Their question: how can we make what we do more understandable to potential investors?

That's where we came in

We’re proud of this promotional video we co-created for them. The Ghent-based software company used it to attract new investors.

House of Media was responsible for the production, story board, voice over, audio post-production and the copywriting of the video. Our buddies from Lion Beach took care of the neat 3D animation.

"Creating something from zero and making sure that it matches exactly with what the client envisioned, is what made this 3D assignment so challenging and satisfying!"

─ Louisa, project manager

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