Audio Post Production

Dont know how to express yourself in the area of sound design, SFX, dubbing or mixing? Our residents perfectly understand it when you ask for “a more impressive swoosh-splash-clank!”, “that warm-sounding crackly voice-over” or “the music could use a bit more drive”. 

House of Media hosts experienced audio engineers who apply their broad skillset to beat any ticking deadline clock. BAM!

“When it comes to audiovisual, sound design is always the undercover hero.” 

Tom S., Imaging & Audio Producer

Looking for an in-house audio producer? Or a studio?

Our residents love to settle in your work environment. As they quickly adapt to your style, tone and flow, it doesn’t take long before they call your studio their second home. You can find our House of Media engineers in studios like DPG Media, Sonhouse, Play Media, Brandy, Het Geluidshuis, BBDO, VRT and the list just goes on. 

You don’t have studio facilities yourself? We’ll open a spot for you in one of our House of Media studios. 

The world of audio is diverse. So are our skills.

While some of our residents feel at their best in the rush of the advertising world, others love to work on famous TV shows. And then there are our podcast professionals; currently part of several podcast teams. Creating and designing probably some of your favourite podcasts right now.

“The deadline was tight, but House of Media delivered exactly the sound we were looking for.”

Ruben Debusschere – Head of Audio, DPG Media TV

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