Howdy, I'm Brecht

I'm an audio post producer slash musician. As a post producer, I mainly worked for Sonhouse and DPG Media. Since 2018, I started working for dS Audio. There I'm translating my audio production skills into daily podcasts as main producer. As a musician, I've collaborated with numerous artists (Eefje Visser, The Sales Who, Tsar B...), but you can also hear me playing on stage with Marble Sounds and Yuko.

Together with a wide variety of artists and bands, I aim to create a new sound of Ghent, our hometown, with Yùrt.

Music & Audio Engineer
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A drumstick rattling against a radiator or clarinet reeds in a warm, silent room. Our surroundings are full of sounds. Brecht Plasschaert harvests those organic sources and mixes them in the music he makes for podcasts and bands. The result is often dreamy and melancholic, a bit like himself. But above all, he tries to surprise the listener. If an arrangement or song contains a lot of beautiful sounds, he carefully adds an ugly one in between. Grabbing our attention and creating a sense of alienation. From contrast comes beauty.

“Layers make a sound and an arrangement special. I love to discover new sounds within sounds that I thought I already knew so well.”



While studying jazz piano for a year, Brecht discovered he’s a people person. He loved working with others. Making music alone proved too lonely for him, as he believes the best ideas are born from interaction. Now Brecht plays in bands and makes podcasts.


After studying music production, Brecht became a full-time piano player for several bands. With Marble Sounds, Yuko, Tsar B and others, he toured the stages of major festivals and concert halls. Now, he concentrates on his own project, Yùrt, in which his musical style is clearly present.

“Brecht is a walking smiley. No question or task is too much to ask. He’s a man with a big heart, golden ears and… a contagious smile!”

– Sander Vanermen, Creative Coach at House of Media


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