Sounds like Ghent

Meet Yurt

At House of Media we produce custom music and sonic logos for brands and bands, but our talents can also be followed with their personal love projects.
Meet the fresh kid on the block, Yurt: clarinet solo’s, ripping bass flaps and roomy drum sounds straight outta Ghent.

creme de la creme

Yurt is a band (or collective) created by our resident Brecht (Marble Sounds, Yuko). His yurt is inhabited by his musical friends from the jazz & indie scene of Ghent such as Eefje de Visser, Lise Daelemans, Nils & Rolf Verresen.

"Together with singer Thomas Oosterlynck and other musical friends we aim to create the new sound of Ghent."
- Brecht, Songwriter and Musician.

A Ghent spiced EP

The first self-titled Yurt EP came out last year and can be described as raw and melancholic at the same time. Thomas Oosterlinck (from the band Amongster) stands by Brecht and softly sings over ravelling, electronic sounds and instrumental delights.
It all makes us curious for more. One to watch for sure!

Have a listen:


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