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My never ending quest: how to translate a message or an emotion into sound waves. It brought me from playing in local rock bands, to following a music production program and exploring the different fields of music. From music recording, mixing, producing and composing to coaching. I really wanted to know more about music itself. I have a curious and analytical nature (I would have been a chemist if the audio stuff didn’t work out).

I love the diversity that this work brings and there is one thing that connects all my projects: getting the message clear while staying true to myself.

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Nicolas Delépine doesn’t shy away from deep beats and sound synthesis. He is very sensitive to melodies and tension curves. One of his strengths is to think within melodies and give them a certain eloquence. It results in a captivating reflection of the story being told.

Get to know Nicolas' sound by listening to his band Gimchi.

“Nicolas has a strong ear and an excellent knowledge of the indie/pop sound of the moment. He senses very well where a band wants to go and joins them without losing sight of his own vision.”

Jo Geboers, singer & songwriter Low Land Home


Even though Nicolas has an analytical mind, he has an intuitive way of working. Like the surrealist painter Magritte who was inspired by his first brushstrokes, Nicolas likes to start with an intuitive timbre or sound. From there, the music develops naturally. His radar for happy accidents is always on. He finds it important to only use his theoretical knowledge as a box of tricks for when he gets stuck.

For Studio 100’s television show GameKeepers Nicolas did the arrangement, vocal recordings and mixing.

"Nicolas is very professional and stress-resistant. He works fast and accurately, and always with a smile. Nicolas radiates his passion for sound!"

- Marlies Neudt, Head of production Ad Interim at FamousGrey


Besides having 2 mother tongues (French & Dutch), Nicolas can speak Luxembourgish. After finishing his studies, Nicolas moved to Luxembourg to work for Linster Studios, a studio specialised in dubbing and children’s films. So next time you see Nicolas, tell him “Moien, wéi geet et?” to ask how he’s doing.


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