Rock 'n Roll Summer

Campaigning done right

House of Media got to create the Xandres Summer campaign 2019! What did we do? We made a series of custom soundtracks, produced the video and were responsible for the photography. For the shoot, we went to our friends at Loft Studios. Time for some rock & roll!

Set the mood

What we like most about working on fashion projects? Becoming a part of the brand’s audiovisual vocabulary by translating their mood and energy into images and also: sound. The campaign soundtrack was made of 15 second edits. Nicolas created a full length custom track which became the basis for the shorter versions.

"Had a great time dancing with the models."

– Frankie, the dog

Let's dance

To get everyone in the rock ‘n roll mood, we asked our friend and professional choreographer Lieselot to come over and teach (us and) the models some slick moves. After a while even Frankie the dog couldn’t stop dancing!

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