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Writing. Composing. Mixing. Breaking out. Diving in. I'm terrible at picking favourites. That's why I do a lot of everything above. I've been bitten by the music microbe from a young age. I first started playing the piano and guitar. Later on, I had my first five seconds of internet fame when my Youtube cover of 'Sterrenstof' went viral.

Fast forward to a couple of years later and I'm still writing songs, composing, recording and mixing music. For clients and bands I call my own — including MIRRANDA.

Music & Audio Engineer
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The versatile, energetic Pieter Schrevens loves variation in his work. Today he’s making custom music for a podcast, tomorrow a documentary style video or a record. If you see Pieter on YouTube, you might be amazed at how many instruments he plays. Oh, and he sings as well. Pieter loves switching it up so he can keep experimenting and learning new things. That’s how he started out, and that’s how he keeps it fresh.

Between ‘hey, I have an idea’ and ‘come on, let’s do it’, there’s an average of 7 seconds with Pieter. He’s a real machine. Be it with some occasional loose screws.

– Bert Heyvaert, Coordinator Podcasts at Het Nieuwsblad


Pieter likes the blend between organic, raw and electronic sounds. For example, Tame Impala is a real influence. The music Pieter creates for his own projects is clearly inspired by that sound. Experience it for yourself by listening to his band Mirranda.


Pieter is the master of loops and video tricks. In one video, you can see Pieter duplicating himself to play five different instruments and sing. All neatly edited together with smooth transitions. These kind of video’s are Pieter’s favourite. It requires versatility, detailed work and patience. And it’s fun!


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