Plant-based tour de force

A sustainable future

Long-term client Alpro turned forty, which asks for a big celebration, an even bigger production and the unveiling of future plans.
We were happy to be part of this. Up to a sustainable future together!

A plant-based revolution

Our residents Anna (editing), Laurent (motion design), Stef, Jeremy (audio engineers) and Pieter (custom music) captured and portrayed how pioneer Alpro revealed its ambitious plan to fully embrace plant-based packaging. Event photographer Bram totally recreated the warm vibe of the party in his pictures.

"Framily" pictures

Our residents closely work together behind the scenes, with each other and with our clients. Besides, they don’t forget to have fun while doing their best job. It’s still a birthday party, right?

"They always find a solution and nothing ever asked is too much. House of Media is my professional family."

– Gwendolien, Sr. Brand Manager at Alpro

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