A part of the evolution

Starting off as an incognito busker band on Belgian squares, Blow 3.0 vibed from streets to studio to international stages in just a couple of years. Being part of this evolution, we still can't tell you who they are. But House of Media can let you hear what they sound like.

Stella – Blow 3.0 (from Equality)

Before 3.0

We met Blow during the first chapter of their existence, while doing acoustic street performances. For their second album, we took part in the evolution to a hybrid band that embraced electronic influences. Meet Blow 3.0.


“Our newest album Equality is kind of a new beginning. A third chapter, hence 3.0."

From streets to the studio

Together we defined what Blow 3.0 would sound like and recorded the whole album. This results in a typical Blow sound that sticks with people and is as experimental as their identity.

blowing away europe

We translated the studio sound of Blow 3.0 into a live experience. Knowing the ins and outs of every track as live mixer on duty, we practically become an extra band member. Guarding their sound from the Netherlands to Portugal and far beyond.

"It was great joining Blow and the audio team on the road, to capture their live performance and new signature sound on video."

the japan tour

We’ve blown our saxes and smashed on the drums when we heard the news we had to take our live mixing skills to Tokyo. A challenge: travelling half of the world with half our equipment and still nail their signature sound.

on radio

From live mixing in Japan to live mixing on national radio: we go everywhere where Blow 3.0 takes us. Like that time we did a live session on Belgian national Radio 1.

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