Celebrating 150 years of ING


In 2021 ING Bank Belgium wanted to celebrate its 150th anniversary with a series of local images. Putting their Belgian customers front and centre in a way that matched their brand platformDo your thing’. 



 ING was looking for a local production partner, with a style and concept that matched their brand strategy. House of Media helped resident & photographer Illias to pitch a concept, where ING says ‘thank you’ to all their Belgian customers for being who they are and doing what they do. Because 150 years of ING means 150 years of you, doing your thing.


Illias translated ING’s brand platform ‘Do your thing’ into quirky and spontaneous lucky shots. Focusing on people ‘doing their thing’. After winning the pitch, Louisa & Hanne set up the production together with Illias.

"To create these types of spontaneous pictures, talent and vibe on set are key. I'm not just focusing on taking the shots, I also try to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere in front and behind the camera."


─ Illias, photographer 


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