Music production, recording & mixing

Whether you are a band or a brand, we can write your sweetest sing-a-long, produce your hottest club anthem and provide your catwalk show with a mesmerising soundtrack. Yes, we are quite a diverse musical bunch.

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What's your sound?

You want the uniqueness of your brand captured in sound? We got you covered. Being it as a sonic logo, background music to your TV-ad or a catchy tune to accompany your employer branding. House of Media has the ears, experience and talent to help you discover your sound. But first, we listen to your briefing.

Tom on the left at the controls in one of our own recording studios, Stef on the right at MotorMusic studios.

your studio = our home

We call many of our clients’ studios our home. Temporarily or on a long-term basis, our residents love to work and settle in positive, ambitious and tuneful work environments. If you don’t have a studio or yours is overbooked: consider the House of Media studios as your home. Welcome!



“Being a part of their new album, on stage and in the studio, fits right in my alley”

Brecht, Musician & Audio Engineer

It's not the gear. It's the people.

We know that creating music is a very personal process (most of our residents are musicians themselves). That’s why we are so conscious of matching you with the right person. Finding the ideal producer or sound engineer is key to the outcome of your project. Because when it feels good, the result will always sound better.

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