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It all started when 14-year-old me turned dress-up parties with friends into shoots with one of the first digital house cameras ever. One of my pictures went viral and got printed on a t-shirt of a big fashion brand. That's when I decided I wanted to become a professional photographer. Since 10 years, I've been doing it for well known fashion labels. I'm good at understanding my client's creative vision and translating it into a strong visual direction.

I am always on the hunt for the right emotion, easily make social connections and share responsibilities. That's what I love the most about what I do!

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As a photographer, Oona Smet believes you need two passions. One for photography and one for your subject. She has been fascinated by fashion as long as she can remember. Even though her own fashion style is minimalistic with neutral colours, her photos are often filled with vibrancy. They are dynamic, pure and show femininity.

"Oona doesn't need a lot of words along the most beautiful images she creates. Her sense of aesthetics speaks for itself."

Eva Janssens, bridal designer


A fun atmosphere during a photoshoot is very important to Oona. That’s why she immediately puts on music when she enters a set. The right tunes get everyone in the mood and break the ice for the model. Weird poses, quick clothing changes and long hours pass by unnoticed!


Also being a graphic designer, Oona makes sure the visual language of her photos match the identities of the brands she works for. Offering video shoots as well, she confirms her versatility. After all, clothes moves when we wear them. So beautiful videos are an added value for many brands.


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