A heart for dance

I Amsterdam

When our beloved client Marie Jo contacted us to co-create content for the dance gala ‘A heart for dance’, organized by VRT news anchor Hanne Decoutere, we were immediately full of ideas for the campaign video and images. Videographer Anna and photographer Oona teamed up and rushed to Amsterdam where they worked their magic in the Van de Velde store.

Rythm and motion

Having a beating heart for dance herself and using rhythm and motion as visual storytelling tools, this project was tailor-made for videographer Anna.
The video tells the story of Floortje Eimers, Dutch soloist and participant of the Gala. Tom created the music for the video.

all in the details

In both dance and lingerie, it’s in the details: from technique to performance. Both are about craftsmanship. Photographer Oona used her own craft to translate what she saw into captivating visuals.

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