It's a personal thing

Resident Anna has been following Ultima Vez' artistic director Wim Vandekeybus for more than 10 years. Ever since she was little, she loved the motion and rawness of dance. Something that marks Wim Vandekeybus' work. The moment she got the chance to co-create with him, was her dream coming true.

Started out with a 'Blush'

 Anna was charmed by the soundtrack of ‘Blush’ during her contemporary dance class. She was blown away by the beauty and aesthetic of the trailer once she got home. Wim brought it in a raw and powerful way, what inspires and attracts her.

"It's incredible if you get the chance to follow someone who really really really inspires you. I got to see the way he creates from close by."

Videographer Anna

A growing trust

When Ultima Vez was looking for an internal videographer for their new show TrapTown, Anna immediately took her shot. She closely worked together with Wim behind the scenes for two months. From editing to color grading: the trust grew with every move.

Interview with Wim Vandekeybus – artistic director Ultima Vez

You don’t have to be scared of chaos, because you’re creating something together.

all round project

The trust grew into a beautiful, all round House of Media project. Anna was asked to create webseries to promote TrapTown, while Tom had the honor to do audio production for the ‘on screen’ part of the show.

"The goal of the mini series was to attract more contemporary dance enthusiasts to TrapTown. It absolutely worked."

Aïda – Production manager at Ultima Vez

Discover Anna’s interviews with the makers of TrapTown in her successful webseries.

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