Meet the makers

A story of passion

For the webseries ‘Meet the Makers’, resident¬†Anna¬†followed contemporary dance collective Ultima Vez during the production of ¬†‘TrapTown’. The goal of the series was to attract more contemporary dance enthusiasts. It absolutely worked. On top of that Anna had one of the most inspiring times of her life.

Passion connects

Videographer and dance enthusiast Anna has been following Ultima Vez founder Wim Vandekeybus and his work for more than ten years. The fact that they are both very passionate about contemporary dance gives ‘Meet The Makers’ a very personal and honest vibe.

"This behind the scenes collaboration was one of the biggest moments in my life, as Wim is a major inspiration for me."

Anna, Videographer

You become your creation

Anna looks back at this experience as an intense yet inspiring time in her life. She will never forget how she got included in the creative process and how her work was supported on Ultima Vez’ social channels.

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