Encounters in sound

From fans to friends

When Z33, a ground-breaking arts institution in Hasselt, called us to make a podcast together, we were over the moon! Not only because we’re huge fans, but also because they challenged us with their question: creating an auditory experience that captures the mission of Z33, living on the intersection of art, design and architecture.

Challenge accepted!

Copyright: Laurens Thys

Z33 in Echo

Together with our friends at Uitgesproken, we created ‘Z33 in Echo’. A poetic podcast, that features encounters in sound. How does a building, a landscape or a work of art sound? What does sound do to artists, architects, designers? How does it affect them – and us? In each episode, you will hear an inspiring story with an echo from Z33.

"From the first meeting with House of Media, we felt we were on the same wavelength. Together we wanted to make something special, a poetic journey that suited us. In no time, the creative ideas and execution followed and we were able to launch Z33 in Echo."

─ Geerhard, Communication Z33

Francesca Torzo & Mark Dion

In the first 2 episodes, we shine a light on the artistic process of architect Francesca Torzo and artist Mark Dion, originating respectively in the city of Hasselt (the Z33 building) and the Maasvallei (the Tree of Life).

Put on your headphones and let Torzo guide you through the building along her inspirations, favourite places and sounds or take a walk with Dion’s creative partner, Ron, through the exceptional river landscape of Herbricht.

Copyright: Laurens Thys

Our resident and music producer, Pieter embodied the environment and inspiration of 2 projects by architect Francesca Torzo and artist Mark Dion into an ‘auditory experience’. He was responsible for the sound design, field recordings and mixing. Editorial work was done by Anke Van Meer & Wouter Van Driessche.

"Both artists are extensively drawing on the environment to shape their work, thus, the dynamics of a city and the history of a landscape were also my creative limitations for working on the sound design."

─ Pieter, Music & Sound Producer

Special thanks to Veerle Ausloos & Geerhard Verbeelen for a great collaboration, smooth coordination and never ending motivation.

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