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Every week, our team creates about 7 hours of podcasting for a variety of partners. Yes, that is a lot of audio goodness. We know this might sound boastful, but we’re just so excitingly proud about it!

“Bits & Atomen” – A weekly podcast on De Standaard

“Slimmer Leven” – A daily podcast on Het Nieuwsblad

“Over Over De Oceaan” – A weekly podcast with Ella Leyers about TV show ‘Over De Oceaan’

How we can help?

A great podcast starts with a great story. We can help you with finding the right approach to your topics, initial research, editorial staff, compelling hosts and publishing.

And when the story is written out, let’s make it come alive. We have the perfect playground to create your very own background tune, thrilling audio recording, edits, soundbites and sonic logo.

Just like the series we’re making today with De Standaard, BNP Paribas Fortis, Het Nieuwsblad, SBS, Engie, De Munt/La Monnaie, Handelsreizigers…  Tune in below!


“A good podcast is the perfect combination of a catchy storyline and gripping audio post production”

Tom, Founder & Creative

Our studios = your home

You are welcome to record in our studios located across Belgium and the Netherlands. Or call us when in need of a strong in-house team. Our residents love to work and settle in positive, ambitious work environments.

Journalism well worth a listen

House of Media has been part of several podcast teams for years now. Our residents are collaborating with dS Audio and Mediahuis, creating several exciting series of daily and weekly podcasts for De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad.

Sound is everywhere. Hello 3D audio!

Put your headphones on and have a listen to that immersive sonic experience Jordan, Pieter and Tom made for our client Alpro. We are happy to be a partner of Sennheiser Ambeo that equipped us with our 3D audio and Ambisonics gear.

Put on your headphones for an immersive experience!

This week's podcasts

Wondering which podcasts our residents have been working on lately?
This Spotify playlist bundles the most recent episodes.


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