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Feel Good Inc.

The German based lingerie brand Naturana focuses on comfort and feeling good in your skin – for more than a hundred years. In 2021 House of Media was asked to be part of the complete visual rebranding of the company, by shooting their new campaign videos.

Videographer Anna, our fashion video expert, was the right person for the job.

Hey, it's Monday

 In the first project for Naturana the focus was: explaining the brand to the customers with a witty sense of humour, that shows the power of comfort and speaks to the future women. Anna shot and edited videos for the different types of bras (the Monday and the Side Smoother) and the loungewear collection of Autumn/Winter 2021.

Going social

Naturana was very pleased with Anna’s videos so they asked us to turn them into social media content for their German campaign in March 2022.
Implementing their new art direction, we also animated their photo content.

Dream Team

Aside from Anna‘s great campaign videos, the motion design for the social media edits was skilfully done by Maxime, the colour grading by Ákos and Jordan was our guy for the audio post-production. Louisa and Anke managed the whole project.

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