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Over the Atlantic

In Woestijnvis and Play4‘s television show “Over De Oceaan” six¬†Belgian TV personalities are crossing the Atlantic in a small sailing boat.

Jani Kazaltzis, Otto-Jan Ham, Evi Hanssen, Imke Courtois, Dominique Persoone and Charlotte Vandermeersch are conquering the waves during an intense 18 day trip.

From Lanzarote to Guadeloupe: The Podcast

House of Media teamed up with Ella Leyers and Uitgesproken to do a podcast series, called “Over Over De Oceaan”, interviewing the participants about their journey and debating if Ella herself would survive on such an amazing but dangerous journey.

Our resident Stef created custom music, sound effects and recorded the whole series.

“Over Over De Oceaan” – Podcast with Ella Leyers

"We only had one day to find an audio engineer that could record Piet, the captain of the ship, in South Africa. What a thrill to find the right sound guy at the other side of the planet!"

Louisa, Production manager

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