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As an audio engineer, I developed my skills at the Conservatory in Ghent and at MotorMusic studios. Although engineering and post production are essential assets, a song needs more than technicality. It needs care, inspiration and musicality. As a producer and audio engineer, I combine my artistic vision with my skill set. From untamed dirtiness to a slick production for your pop song...

Teamwork amplifies creativity, so let’s raise the bar and make some music together!

Music & Audio Engineer
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Stef Lenaerts believes custom music should always contain recognisable elements that fit the identity of the brand or product. For example, the introtune of a podcast can be merged with the vibe of the narrator or the brand. Stef’s music translates the brand’s vision through in a strong auditive story.

“For the audio logo of De Standaard’s daily podcast, I wanted the listener to hear the drive and nervousness of a newsroom, but not the classic news jingles. I’ve heard the jingle endlessly and I never skipped it. I would often go back to listen to it again and again, because it made me happy.”

– Wouter Van Driessche, former Head of Audio at De Standaard, now creative director at podcast agency Uitgesproken

Stef arranged, recorded, produced and mixed the album ‘Berichten uit de Schemerzone’ by Jonas Winterland.

1 + 1 = 3

In a small shed in the woods, Stef and fellow House of Media resident Nicolas Delépine discovered joining their forces created an extra piece of musical magic. The space they left for experimentation while creating their first song as Gimchi translated into an interesting and authentic sound. “It makes me think of a wild hog”, said Nicolas’ mom about the song. And so Wild Hog, the joint project of a music production duo, was born. Together, they put untamed experimentation at the centre of their creative process.


To keep in touch with the creative side of making music, Stef values experimenting and playing. Happy accidents are welcome, mistakes should be honoured. When he loses himself in combining unusual sounds and working methods, and then suddenly surprises himself, he pours the unexpected into a structured framework. Thus, polished sounds make room for authentic and creative results.

Listen to the custom music for the podcast Topdokter: Patient Pedro


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