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In Woestijnvis and Play4‘s television show Topdokters medical specialists give viewers a glimpse into their work and daily lives. 



Topdokters: Patient Pedro

House of Media teamed up with their friends at Uitgesproken and Woestijnvis to turn the TV show into a podcast series titled ‘Patient Pedro. Moving the focus from ‘top doctors’ to one ‘top patient’; named Pedro Elias. A famous TV host and notorious hypochondriac.

The first thing Pedro does when he wakes up is to hear if his heart is still beating. But his hypochondria is undermining him more than anything. So, he had himself preventively screened with as many top doctors as possible to try to reach a new zero point and to find inner peace. In this podcast you can follow his medical journey. Even when things get exciting. And painful. And intimate. And embarrassing.

Our resident Stef created custom music and was responsible for the sound design, montage and mixing.

"While making the music and sound design, it was all about finding the balance between serious and lighthearted, as well as magnifying Pedro's character."

─ Stef, composer & audio engineer 


Topdokters: Patient Pedro is one of the podcast hits of this year, with over 230,000 downloads already. The podcast also received a jubilant review and 14.5/15 from the podcast program VINK of the Dutch Public Broadcasting.

The series has also won an ‘Oorkonde‘, the first Flemish podcast award, in the category Story.

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