A journey of love

From Barcelona to Calais

Marie Jo became one of our number one clients and closest friends. Our residents traveled around Europe to capture ‘the making of journey’ of Marie Jo’s most iconic bras. From Barcelona to Calais and back: discover the journey of love and lingerie.

Hello Barcelona!

In Barcelona, videographer Anna and photographer Bram paid a visit to the innovating manufacturer of the iconic bra dots of Tom. Yes founder Tom, there is a bra named after you! Pieter made the right music and beats to finalize the documentary videos in style.

Love for lace

In France, Calais, our residents discovered how the lace of Marie Jo’s iconic Pearl bra is being made. Known as Dentelle de Calais, every step of the process includes precise manual work. The result is one of the finest laces of the world.

"I was fascinated by the amount of know-how and craftsmanship that goes into that little piece of fabric. Lace is a real work of art."
- Anna, Videographer.

stitched to the beat

In Switzerland, Bram and Anna visited Forster Rohner. Do you recognize the iconic daisies of the Avero bra of Marie Jo? And also: do you notice how the stitching matches the music?

The craftsmanship

The assembly of all three, iconic bras happens in the Belgian Marie Jo ateliers. Meeting all of the highly skilled craftswomen behind the bras and the brand of Marie Jo was incredibly inspiring. An unforgettable journey for Anna and Bram.

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