Live mixing

Go live with us on the road, radio, live streams, TV and (hopefully soon enough) live events. Our audio engineers are the right people to facilitate your memorable performance. Making it sound as stellar as you want it to be.

You don’t have to believe our word on it, because chances are you have heard our work already.

Partners for live!

If a collaboration sounds firm and solid, why not stick to it? Over decades, our sound engineers formed dedicated partnerships with several bands, promotors and venues all over the world.

Dream team for your live stream

Live streaming got really big (we all know why). A digital wave we at House of Media love to ride. Even before that Covid-creature was around, we supported live streams sonically; giving us a headstart when the whole world needed to go from live show to live stream.

Flying Horseman livestream @ Handelsbeurs, Ghent.

Live on tour

We may call our creatives residents, but that doesn’t mean they are always home. Without Covid in play, you could find us all over the world, from Belgium to Japan, mixing more than 250 shows a year.


In between jazz and electro: Blow 3.0, live @ Les Ardentes

Making sure everything runs smoothly during live performances in the studios of radio station Qmusic

Find us mixing live sessions for Q-Music radio.

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