Video Post Production

After a lot of preparations and patience you have finally captured the footage of your commercial on tape. Now how do you turn all of this footage into the final product you envisioned at the start of this process? Welcome to the last stage of video creation: video post production.

Copy, Cut, paste

After assembling all of the footage the video editing process can begin! First our creatives make a rough cut of your video based on the script and then start tweaking and tightening everything up so the finalised scenes start to take shape.

"With ultimate attention to detail we make sure the images are edited in a way they fit the story like a glove."

Anna, video editor

Make those colours pop

Never underestimate the importance of color grading in video production! Color has the power to evoke emotions, set the tone, and enhance the overall visual experience of your video. Throughout the color grading process, we collaborate closely with you to ensure your vision aligns with our artistic choices.

Special effects

Our residents can also enhance your video with visual effects! Animation, VFX and motion design are critical part of today’s visual language. From creating stunning visual elements to removing unwanted objects, we meticulously craft each frame to ensure a visually captivating and cohesive final product.

Hey you, what's that sound?

The final step of the post production process: sound! Our residents are trained in adding the right sound(s) to your video. From dubbing, SFX, sound design, custom music to mixing. Our residents perfectly understand it when you ask for “a more impressive swoosh-splash-clank!”, “that warm-sounding crackly voice-over” or “the music could use a bit more drive”.

Read more about our experience in audio post production.

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