4. The Bedroom


Let's get a bit more intimate in the bedroom, talking about confidentiality between you, HOME and our partners.

HOME and HOME’s clients make available confidential information to the RESIDENT as part of the execution of the Project. The RESIDENT hereby explicitly agrees that Confidential Information is information explicitly classified as such by HOME or HOME’s client or any other information which the RESIDENT can reasonably assume that is confidential in nature.

The RESIDENT agrees not to reveal manufacturing secrets, studies, alterations or matters of HOME and HOME’s clients which he or she has learned during the execution of the Project for HOME or HOME’s client, both during and after completion thereof, directly or indirectly, to anyone and that he or she will neither use it for himself or herself, regardless of the purpose thereof.

The RESIDENT is in no way permitted to use or process the details, files or adaptations for purposes other than for the execution of the Project. These remain the property of HOME or HOME’s client at all times. The RESIDENT must keep the content of these matters fully confidential.

The RESIDENT is not permitted to copy the products, files or images and designs made available by HOME or HOME’s client, other than for use during the execution of the Project, nor to use them in a manner that does not comply with the instructions provided by HOME. Furthermore, the RESIDENT is not permitted to give third parties permission to engage in such activities. HOME and HOME’s clients are authorised to take measures to prevent the copying or the use of the copies. HOME and HOME’s clients cannot be held liable in any way for damages resulting from the copying of such information.

If the RESIDENT is in default towards HOME or HOME’s client, RESIDENT must make the files, programs and other items made available to RESIDENT available to HOME within 48 (forty-eight) hours after having been summoned to do so in writing, subject to possible extra costs for each day that the above-mentioned summons has not been complied with.

The RESIDENT agrees not to reveal or make public, sell, exchange, give, relinquish the client database or elements thereof, in full or in part, or to use this information for a purpose other than for any execution of a Project.

In the event of a cancellation or any type of termination of a Project, the RESIDENT will refrain from using the data, elements, files or other items made available to the RESIDENT by HOME or HOME’s client for the execution of the Project for competing companies or for their own customers. Any and each violation or negligence in respect of the above-mentioned obligation entitles HOME to the payment of any resulting damages.

No waiving of or amendment to this confidentiality obligation in particular or of one or more terms thereof will be valid or enforceable, unless HOME has given its written permission thereto in advance.

Non-compliance with the confidentiality obligation is punishable by law, without requiring a notice of default, the RESIDENT is responsible for paying all extra costs per established breach, except in cases involving proof of greater damages.

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