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Take some time and zoom in on your responsibilities within House of Media

Depending on the contents of the Project Brief, the RESIDENT will decide whether or not to carry out the Project. Such decision will be communicated to HOME within 48 hours, after which the Project is deemed refused by the RESIDENT.

If HOME informs the RESIDENT of specific requirements as part of the needs of the Project and/or wishes of the client, the RESIDENT will meticulously respect these requirements.

The RESIDENT will provide its full independent cooperation to the Projects, in accordance with HOME’s and HOME’s client’s guidelines.

The RESIDENT acknowledges that all documents, files, programs, images, and other data carriers HOME and its clients make available to the RESIDENT for the purposes of carrying out the Project, as well as the final result of the assignment after delivery to HOME, are and will remain the exclusive ownership of HOME and/or its client and will deliver or return them to HOME and/or its client upon their first request. The RESIDENT will keep and manage the material with due care. If he or she is unable to deliver or return the items, he or she takes full responsibility, including in the event that the computer’s hard drive is damaged, known computer viruses, theft, etc., and for which he will compensate HOME and/or its client.

The RESIDENT explicitly waives any right of retention on material made available to him or her by HOME or its client.

The RESIDENT declares that he or she has all the permits and licences necessary and that he or she complies with all the legal requirements to enable him or her to act and operate as the RESIDENT.

Why is a good data management platform crucial?

How do other residents manager their data?

You can find everything you need to know about folder & file structure   and data management best practices through these links.

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