5. The Living Room


Let's jump on the sofa and talk a bit more about how long you want to work together


Scenario 1 – The present Agreement takes effect on the date it is signed by all Parties and is concluded for an period of 3 years, automatically renewable, unless either party has provided notice of non-renewal at least 6 (six) months before the end of the term.

Scenario 2 – The present Agreement takes effect on the date it is signed by all Parties and is concluded for an undetermined period. Each party may terminate the agreement with a 6 months’ notice period.

Choose the scenario that feels best to you!

HOME is authorised to immediately and legally terminate the Agreement if it has established that the RESIDENT is in serious default of his or her contractual obligations, including fraud, the repeated failure to observe deadlines, sexual intimidation, discriminatory language, substantial errors, repeated violations of the HOME VALUES etc. Events, such as but not limited to, the misunderstanding of the confidentiality obligation, the theft of HOME’s materials, and the unauthorised use of HOME’s brand and tradename outside the scope of the execution of the agreement are also regarded as serious failures.

HOME is authorised to immediately terminate a Project if HOME’s client cancels the Project, without HOME being required to pay for the activities carried out by the RESIDENT after cancellation by the client. The RESIDENT is entitled to the proportionate payment of the work carried out prior to the client’s cancellation, provided he or she makes all material produced available to HOME before termination of the Project by HOME. If this is not complied with, HOME retains the right to substantially reduce the payment for the work carried out.

Whenever the agreement is terminated during the performance of an ongoing Project, RESIDENT undertakes to remain available for at least 3 months for HOME and HOME’s client, in order to assure a qualitative and smooth handover.

RESIDENT agrees that any handover made necessary due to RESIDENT’s actions, omissions or termination of the Agreement, will be paid out at 50% of his or her applicable daily rate.

1. The Kitchen

(Y)our Mission

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2. The Storage Room

Home Utilities

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3. The Study Room


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4. The Bedroom


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6. The Bathroom


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7. The Attic


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