Let's talk opera

What are the stories of the operas in today’s world?
You may find the answers in ‘Weerklanken’, the new podcast series by Brussels opera De Munt/La Monnaie.
Our House of Media residents Jeremy, Nicolas and Pieter provided the audio expertise, flanked by our buddies from Uitgesproken.

Der Schauspieldirektor

The first episode, ‘Der Schauspieldirektor’, was recorded at an unsettling empty KVS (Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg).
We handed the microphone to the artistic directors of three theatres, Peter De Caluwe, Michael De Cock and Fabrice Murgia.

"I wanted to translate the haunting emptiness of the KVS into music. I did this by recording background noises like squeaking doors and footsteps on stage."

Pieter, Sound producer

Lifting the curtain

Each episode is recorded at a different unique location in the city of Brussels and will, of course, be injected with several superb musical intermezzos.

‘Weerklanken’ – Podcast trailer

Pictures by P. Claes.

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