Spring/Summer 2024 preview

Each year, Eastpak unveils its upcoming collections and strategic initiatives to its global teams. Diverse colleagues, managers, and even executives take the stage to showcase projects and plans for the year ahead. Resulting in a video presentation shared online and screened in local theaters.


In 2024 we let Eastpak colleagues from around the globe tune in to Eastpak +. A branded TV Station where each department got their own channel. Inspired by TV shows from the 80’s and 90’s. 

Tune in to the shopping channel for the newest collections, check out Eastpak News for global updates, or catch the Late Night Show to discover upcoming collaborations.

Due to legal constraints, we are only able to display select images from the video


To emphasize the brand’s core message throughout our video, we encouraged Eastpak employees to show us how to become ‘Built to Resists’. Transforming their homemade content into quirky Eastpak commercials.

Meet the team

Motion design by Lara Evens, videography by Anna Petö and Bram Laebens, graphic design by Laurent Beuten, sound design by Stef Lenaerts, production management by Lobke Vangansbeke and creative coaching by Sander Vanermen.
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