Bold Dates

Bold Attitude

Bulldog Gin embodies a confident and independent attitude, characterized by its iconic black bottle, bold personality, and refined taste. In addition to providing a unique gin experience, the brand aims to inspire everyone who wants to be ‘bold.’ Anyone who is writing their own story, making strong moves, and embracing their authentic selves. Bulldog wants to support.

Bold Dates

Bulldog and MMBSY came to us with the idea of a podcast full of first encounters between bold artists. A series to inspire the next generation of bold beginners and inject a healthy dose of courage into the lives of listeners. Bold Dates brings together the most interesting voices (both new and established) within the Belgian music and fashion scene.

In the series, 9 inspiring Belgian voices are featured in the podcast – from Jon Tyler to The Magician, Sieme Hermans and Emma Bale. Together, they exchange experiences and ideas, with the ultimate goal of inspiring the next generation of creative ‘Bold Beginners’.

We recorded all the conversations and handled the post-production of both the video and audio episodes. Transforming their idea into bold content.

In the first episode of the podcast, world-renowned DJ and producer The Magician and nightlife icon and owner of Bloody Louis in Brussels, Jon Tyler, meet. Both artists were determined from the beginning to step outside the conventional boundaries and pursue their dreams.

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Meet the team

Michiel van Son, Anna Petö, Bram Laebens, Pieter Schrevens, Stef Lenaerts and Lobke Vangansbeke.
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