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DS Podcastfestival

In april 2022 our podcast partner in crime De Standaard organized the first big podcastfestival of Belgium. The DS Podcastfestival at Kursaal in Oostende was a two-day event with panel talks, networking moments, live podcast recordings, workshops and an award show. It was the first big get-together of the Belgian podcast sector after COVID and we were stoked (and proud) to be part of it!

19 Things I Wish I knew 500 Podcasts ago

The weekend got kicked off on Friday by our founder Tom! He gave a presentation called “19 things I wish I knew 500 podcasts ago” together with our long time partner Wouter from Uitgesproken. As two (dare we say..) ‘veterans’ in the podcast scene, they shared their top tips on making podcasts based on their years of experience, highlighting the importance of how to tell your story as the importance of your audio quality.


Pictures by Nick Decombel.

Time to record

De Standaard asked us to record all of the panel talks and live podcasts that were planned during the weekend. The whole of 20 hours (!) of audio was captured on tape by our audio team (and legends) Xavier, Pieter, Tom, Jeremy and Stef. Production manager Lobke was there as well, overseeing it all and making sure everybody was in the right place at the right time.

"The DS Podcastfestival was an intense, challenging but also a very fun weekend where I could really feel the strength of our group. I can't wait to share more moments with this talented bunch of people!"

─ Jeremy, audio engineer

And the award goes to..

The weekend ended with a blast: the podcast award show, Oorkondes. We were super happy and proud to see two of the podcasts we worked on winning an award!

A big congrats to Stef, who wrote the music for the podcast “Topdokters: Patiënt Pedro“! This podcast (we made with Uitgesproken) received the award of best podcast in the Story category.

Trailer for Topdokters: Patiënt Pedro.

And of course Brecht, who mixed and edited “Complot Tegen De Waarheid” for De Standaard. His team received the award for best podcast in category News.

Winning these awards was the cherry on the cake of an already fantastic weekend for us. We can’t wait for next year’s edition!

Brecht and the team behind “Complot tegen de waarheid”.

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